AlphaBeasts: Qanekelak


I was in quite a quandary as to what to draw for this week’s Q-themed Alphabeast and, after much flailing about and crying to the heavens, I discovered this guy, Qanekelak. So, if you were one of the Bela Bela people indigenous to the frosty plains of North Western Canada, you might know right away that Qanekelak is a cosmic killer whale creature sometimes described as having the head of a whale and the body of a human. He apparently starts up something called the Killer Whale Clan and I’m sure they ain’t nuthin’ to muck wif. Here he is out on the tundra as evening closes in, contemplating the stars and smoking a bit of that ol’ Aurora Borealis.

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A maker of kinda tasteless comics from the environs of Charlotte, NC.
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